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Monday, January 03, 2011

The job interview seemed to go well today-

Since the owner of the indoor kart racing track actually remembered and recognized me from the times i've been in his place, I think the interview actually went pretty well. The job's for a mechanic on the karts and nearly full time and it would be evenings and weekends but if I land the job, I'll take it and be happy until something else comes along.

I do have a bacterial infection in my eye- saw a real eye Doc today, and he prescribed some thicker, stronger antibiotics for me for the rest of the week. Hopefully things will get better quick with the new drops.

I think I've found some plans for a motorcycle lift for my workshop that I can actually afford to purchase and store! Buying a commercial lift is outside my budget and would hog up far too much of my floor space in my shop. The one I found pictures of tonight is much cheaper and much easier to store when I don't need it for tinkering with Sleek Black Beauty! I just need to make a trip to Harbor Freight and Home Depot!

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